the  e x p e r i e n c e .

Beauty Alchemist bespoke facials are designed to enhance the vitality, health & radiance of the skin and are fully customized. A targeted program is curated every visit for optimal results and will always leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Harnessing the best of holistic wisdom and next-generation technology, our ultimate goal is to create an internal environment in which your skin can really thrive. By focusing on establishing this balanced inner eco-system instead of enlisting caustic ingredients and harmful protocols, your skin goes back to doing what it does best: healing & reproducing fresh new cells within a strong, healthy foundation.

Our menu is designed to offer a glimpse into what you can expect, but rather than focusing on "protocol specific" options we encourage you to view your sessions as an open dialogue where you simply decide how much time you would like to invest in your skin.


Our signature facial and introduction to the Beauty Alchemist experience, the alkahest  "universal" protocol will renew & protect using Dr. Alkaitis wildcrafted & biodynamic skin care.  Rich in nourishing skin-food herbs, oils  & mindful massage work, this session also includes  one  add-on  of  your  choice.

($100  /  65 min.)

aqua fortis.


The "strong water" protocol is an invigorating facial massage session and is designed to promote a bright, clear and supple complexion. Opening the body & soul with aromatherapy,  gentle yet thorough lymphatic draining prepares the skin for a luxuriously sculpting facial massage that will optimize circulation, smooth out tension, release excess fluid buildup and energize the skin. Think of this as deep yoga   for   your  skin.

($60  /  35 min.)

aqua regia.


Designed for accelerated rejuvenation, our "royal water" protocol uses Dr. Alkaitis & Marie Veronique advanced holistic skin-care. Session includes our signature sculpt+lift massage, 2 targeted treatment masques  and  up  to  2  custom  add-ons.

 ($140  /  90 min.)



Next-level clarity for the man about town. Deeply purifies and includes much needed beard conditioning to keep you looking sharp. Expect all the bells & whistles of a regia session.

($130  /  85 min.)

aqua  v i t a e .
la crème de la crème

Literally meaning "water of life", this facial is ultimate luxury & results. You will experience a fully custom advanced nanofacial* + all necessary add-ons to target your specific goals.


Utilizing advanced Rezenerate technology, the nanofacial creates micro-pathways within the skin (similar to microneedling) and infuses our most advanced CryoStem serum deep within its layers for the absolute best non-invasive results in the industry.  Considered the gold standard in skin therapy, DNA CryoStem Cell therapy is unrivaled in it's efficacy, formulation and beyond organic standards.  Option to add a 1-2 week follow-up fortis sculpting session at VIP pricing.

($180  /  100+ min.)



Our exclusive airbrush tanning solution is derived from 100% organic DHA and includes a potent dose of skin healing  antioxidants that provide additional free-radical protection.

The star of this formula is  the unique Whole Leaf Aloe Vera extract that contains active nutrients, phyto-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for optimal skin health. Most products on the market today that have Aloe Vera on their labels do not contain active ingredients that naturally occur in the Aloe plant, due to poor quality, heavy dilution, and an inferior manufacturing process.


Go natural and ditch the harmful parabens, perfumes and toxic synthetic dyes that actually add fuel to the sun damaging fire!




Whether your main goal is to restore radiance, rebuild firm skin, or eradicate acne... these powerful add-ons have you covered.


Botanical Facial Baths:

green tea revitalizing      🝔      calming chamomile      rose petal & milk luxury

gua sha      🝔      microdermabrasion

microcurrent + LED        🝔        hi-frequency  

kansa      🝔      dermaplaning      🝔      cryo-globes

gems & stones      🝔      lactic / multi-acid peel*     

dermaplaning*     🝔      jessner peel***

CBD*    🝔      nanofacial***

. . .

*add $10

***add $25